The 'Account' page is your personalized control center within Octav. Here, you'll find all the essential information at your fingertips.

Authorization parameters

Third party authorization allow any users, to give access to their wallet information to you, a Pro user. As an authorized recipient you will be able to view transactions, edit certain transaction information and export Octav data.

To do so, simply share your identification name and private access code displayed on this page to your clients, so they can provide you with exclusive access to their Octav data. All they need to do is visit, head to 'My account', and find the 'Third party authorization' section. There, they can enter your authorization parameters.

By embracing this seamless and secure pathway, both you and your clients can collaborate, access and edit Octav's portfolio data with peace of mind.

Authorization does not allow you to execute any transaction on your client's behalf but simply enables secure editing of their portfolio data on Octav, ensuring the accurate generation of transaction summary reports.

Finally, the 'Make this identification public' feature allows you to display your account name in the third-party list on the retail app. By enabling this, you may attract more potential clients. However, keep in mind that even with public identification, retail address owners will still need to submit your user code to grant personal authorization.

It's a great way to increase visibility and attract clients while maintaining a secure and authorized relationship. 😄👍

Current plan

The 'Current Plan' section displays the details of your existing subscription plan. Here, you can easily view the specific plan you have, including the number of addresses covered, as well as any additional seats available on your account. It's a convenient way to keep track of your subscription status and know the scope of your plan's coverage.


Dive into our collection of video tutorials and a comprehensive guide that provides in-depth explanations on how Octav Pro works, ensuring you can make the most of its powerful features.

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