The Brain & Learning Mechanism

Harnessing the power of collaboration: editing with Octav for precise dashboards and enhanced DeFi knowledge

Octav's unique combination of on-chain data and editing capabilities benefits both you and other users. How, you ask?

Octav suggests its interpretation of your on-chain transaction history. Since the platform is fully on-chain (rather than API-based), some transactions may require your input to ensure accuracy. By editing these transactions info - transaction type, protocol, asset label (in and out) - you not only make your own dashboard more precise, but also help train Octav's brain for even better future suggestions. And the learning mechanism works both ways; when users make edits, it benefits you as well. Everyone wins at editing!

Quick heads up, any price-related info you edit on Octav platform is totally private and for your eyes only. Nobody else can see the changes you make to asset prices and quantities. So feel free to update your info with confidence, knowing that your privacy is protected.

In a constantly evolving DeFi ecosystem, it's crucial to have a reliable way of gathering and confirming fragmented data. This is where Octav's brain comes in, learning from user inputs to provide accurate information to the ecosystem. Your input not only improves your portfolio accuracy, but also helps train Octav's brain.

In short, your edits make the brain smarter, benefiting the entire Octav community, while the community's edits enhance your dashboard, creating a real win-win community synergy. 😊

Boost your DeFi portfolio accuracy with octav's brain and its learning mechanism!

For a deeper understanding of Why Validating Transactions on Octav is Important, check out our blog article on this topic.

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