Tips for Finding Unknown Protocols Not Labeled in Block Explorers.

This tutorial is if you already can't remember your transaction, and looked on the block explorer and did not see any labels. We can dig deeper using other tools to find our unkown protocol. The good news is, you only have to do this once for each smart contract, thats the beauty of Octav! Let's start with an unknown Abritrum transaction 1. Taking a look at the block explorer. I see no clear labels.

2. Sometimes the "Contract Creator" page can have a clue

3. In this case no labels, no luck.

4. Looking at the "Contract" tab I can see if the author left their name/protocol in the code.

5. In this case again no luck.

6. Now that ive exausted my explorer lookup, I can head to github and do a search and see if its anyone public repositories. Found it! Here I can see this is actually a contract deployed by revert finance. Note you will sometimes see other projects (ex. Zapper) include another protocols contract address in their repo so make sure you check the source.

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