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Transaction modal for editing transactions

Harness your editing power: Octav's unique feature for perfecting your transaction details
The Octav platform is packed with amazing features, but the best and most unique one is definitely the ability to edit each transaction as needed. This means you can ensure the accuracy of your portfolio by tweaking details as you see fit. With support for over 30 different transaction types (check them out below), you have complete control over your data.
Octav's transaction modal is a game-changer! Simply click on any transaction to open it, and you'll get access to all its details:
  • Transaction date
  • Network
  • From/To
  • Transaction type
  • Protocol
  • Asset in/out
  • Quantity
  • Price
  • Value
  • Cost basis
  • Profit (or loss)
But that's not all - you can also edit crucial transaction data right from here. Need to update the transaction type, protocol, asset label (in and out), asset quantity, or asset price? No problem, just make the changes and hit validate.
In summary you can edit:
  • transaction type - EDITABLE
  • Protocol - EDITABLE
  • asset label (in and out) - EDITABLE
  • asset quantity - EDITABLE
  • asset price - EDITABLE
Note: Only you can see the changes you make on asset price and quantity - nobody else! (see Privacy and Security section)
This level of customization ensures that your portfolio remains accurate and up-to-date.
Transaction modal view
As you can see, you have the flexibility to edit almost anything for all your on-chain transactions. And if, for some reason, you want to go back to the original value after editing a field, no worries! Simply click on ‘Fetch original suggestion’ and you're good to go.
Here's a quick tip to save you time: filter transactions by status 'to be reviewed', then open the transaction modal by clicking on any transaction. From there, you can easily navigate to the next transaction without leaving the modal, and update multiple transactions at once. Happy editing!
After you have made all the required changes, on the ‘Transaction’ page, you’ll see the number of transactions edited since last recalculation. Just hit the 'recalculate transactions' button to ensure your portfolio reflects the latest changes and stays up-to-date. This feature saves you time by updating all your transactions at once.
You may have noticed that there are two action buttons, one for recalculate transactions and the other one to fetch the latest transactions. Here's the difference:
Recalculate transaction
Fetch latest transaction
It lets you update all the calculations whenever you make one or several edits.
It retrieves all your latest transactions since the last time you refreshed the page.
Transaction type
Asset in and out
Octav handles more than 30 transaction types, see the full list in the 'All transaction types' section.
Select transaction type modal
You can edit the protocol you actually used to make your transactions. This way, your dashboard will always reflect your reality!
Select protocol modal
You can choose the specific token you transacted with to accurately reflect your activity.
Select toekn/asset modal
You can adjust the exact quantity of assets you own for a more accurate reflection of your portfolio.
You can update the price of assets in your portfolio, so it reflects the actual value.
For detailed instructions on how to get or use a referral code, please refer to the 'How to Validate a Transaction' and 'How to Multi-Edit Transactions' sections in the How-to guide.