Navigation bar

The navigation bar of the platform includes several clickable elements such as navigational tags, login buttons, and more.

Connect wallet button

First thing’s first: to use the Octav dashboard just connect your favorite cryptocurrency wallet to the application using the “Connect Wallet” button on the website.

Sign in button

Prove your wallet ownership with ease using "Sign in with Ethereum". Octav values user security and wants to make it easy for you to access all features, privately. No private key or seed phrase entry required. Signing in the message will not provide any access to your wallet and will only be used to authenticate your wallet ownership. So, sign in to experience a personalized and secure user journey on Octav platform.

Subscribe button

Upgrade to Octav Premium subscription to unlock exclusive features like transaction export, custom reports, and Web3 interactions. In detail, download all your transactions since your wallet creation into a JSON file. Generate personalized financial reports (either PDF or CSV format), for multiple addresses/bundles, as well as filter by networks, protocols, assets, transaction types, or dates. Plus, manage your positions directly from Octav's platform for a seamless investment experience.

It’s a matter of seconds to mint Octav’s NFT. Once signed in, go to the Subscribe page (top right button) and buy the Octav NFT Membership on Ethereum, Arbitrum, Polygon, Optimism and Base it's up to you. USDC and DAI accepted. Don’t forget you need to approve before buying.

Please note that one subscription is required per address, and Octav NFT is non-transferable.

A referral program is offered, whether you refer yourself or your friends to Octav, that can help you save some serious cash on your subscription! 🤑 Take a look at the referral program section to learn more about it.

Switch networks

Switch between supported blockchain networks (Ethereum, Arbitrum One, Optimism, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Fantom, and Base) so you can interact with the appropriate chain directly from Octav.

Connected address

The dashboard shows the address you are currently connected with, but there's no need to connect to another address just to view it. Instead, use the saved addresses/bundles popover, which is way faster 😉.

Also, note that you can interact with web3 protocols using the connected address to perform actions such as closing positions, claiming rewards, compounding, repaying debt, and more.

Saved addresses/bundles popover

You can quickly switch between the signed-in addresses and bundles you want to view. Additionally, you can easily access the addresses book page to add new addresses or create new bundles.

Settings popover

Allows you to customize or adjust various options for the application.

Here you can see your actual subscription, set the app language and currency you want to use. Another relevant option is to show value only above a certain amount, for clarity purposes.

RefreshHard Reset

Simply fetch the latest transaction and update the actual value.

This will erase all the edit you've done and go back to what Octav originally suggested.

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