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Dashboard | Your DeFi Portfolio at a Glance

With Octav's user-friendly dashboard, you can quickly get an overview of your entire portfolio. You'll have access to comprehensive DeFi information about your wallet and all of your open positions, including details on cost basis and profit and loss (P&L) since the creation of your wallet. You'll also be able to see your chain allocation, as well as eight key performance indicators (KPIs) such as net worth, open and closed P&L, and total cost basis, just to name a few.

Transactions | Comprehensive History of Profit

You can view your entire transaction history, including the profit and loss of each trade, all in one place. Additionally, you can use the convenient search function to quickly find specific transactions, or use filters such as network, protocols, and status to streamline your search. One of the major purposes of this page is to allow you to edit any transaction information, giving you complete control over your portfolio's accuracy.

Reports | Customizable Report for Personal, Tax Needs

Octav can help you generate reliable and customizable reports of your profits and losses and transaction history for your wallet. The trading disposition summary provided by Octav can give you an overview of your trading activity, which is useful for personal record keeping purposes or to file your taxes.

So, if you want to have an accurate and reliable record of your DeFi investments for personal or tax purposes, Octav is the way to go!

Note: In alignment with the core values of Octav, reports show addresses independently from one another in order to maintain anonymity and prevent doxxing. (see Privacy and Security section for more info)

Opportunities | Scan to Find Successful DeFi Assets

[Coming soon] Enhance and facilitate your DeFi activity with this opportunity scanner to find the top performing DeFi assets and protocols matching your investment criteria.

Addresses | Multiple Wallet Tracker

With Octav, you can easily manage the addresses you own that you want to follow by creating an address book. You can also add addresses to create a bundle and get a comprehensive overview of your portfolio's profit and loss data.

Creating a bundle with Octav lets you see all your investments in one place, which makes it easier to understand your overall portfolio performance. So, whether you're a new investor or an experienced trader, Octav's address book and bundle features can help you manage your DeFi investments more effectively.

Leaderboard | Top Octav Ranking Users Worldwide

Octav offers a fun and friendly way to compete with other users. The contest is based on several factors, such as the number of edited transactions, for example. By participating in this competition, you can view the high score list and try to rank up to win prices!

This feature is a great way to stay motivated and engaged while using Octav. By competing with other users, you can challenge yourself to do better and improve your investment strategies.

So, if you're looking for a fun and engaging way to use Octav, be sure to check out the leaderboard feature and see how you stack up against other users. Who knows, you might just become the next DeFi investment champion!

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