Your wallet at a glance: Octav delivers real-time asset insights for informed decision making

This is where you can easily view all the assets you hold in your personal wallet, separated from the protocols you have actual positions in.

Octav provides real-time updates on the value of each token you own, from many trusted sources, so you can quickly respond to market changes and make informed decisions.

In your wallet, you can access all tokens you own, organized by the chain you made transactions on. You'll find the balance, price, and value of each one, all in one convenient location.

Additionally, know the cost basis on all your tokens and multi-chain assets, allowing for accurate profit and loss calculations. With this information at your fingertips, you'll have greater insight into your investment portfolio.

Basically, when you're on the Transactions page, if the transaction type says 'Deposit' and the protocol is 'Wallet', that means the token asset has been deposited into your wallet.

Octav also allows you to interact with Web3 protocols directly from the platform, for a seamless investment experience. 😎

To manage your positions, such as closing one like doing a swap, simply click on the 'Close Position' button, adjust your slippage tolerance if necessary, and approve the transaction. That's all there is to it!

Please note that Octav does not charge any commission on transactions that are executed within the platform. 😇

One additional feature is the vertical ellipsis button located next to each currency that you own in your wallet. This feature allows you to quickly perform actions such as 'Mark as spam' or 'Mark as receipt token', 'See related transaction', or simply 'Ignore'. This feature can be very helpful for conveniently keeping track of your wallet holdings.

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