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The Power of metrics: unveiling essential KPIs for your investment portfolio

This top banner displays 8 key performance indicators (KPIs) for the address or bundle you are looking at. These KPIs give you a quick overview of the most important metrics for your investment portfolio. Here's a closer look at the 8 KPIs:

  • Net worth: Actual total value of your portfolio (updated last time you synced).

i=1Wallet total value + Protocol total value i\displaystyle\sum_{i=1}^\infin Wallet \space total \space value \space + \space Protocol \space total \space value\space _i

If you see this icon next to ‘NET WORTH’ it means that none of your portfolio is 100% accurate as some transactions need to be validated first. Validate them all to make sure you have the most accurate number.

  • Open P&L: Actual profit (or loss) of all the open positions that are not closed yet. It represents the potential profit or loss this portfolio can do right now.

i=1Wallet total open P&L + Protocol total open P&L i\displaystyle\sum_{i=1}^\infin Wallet \space total \space open \space P \And L \space + \space Protocol \space total \space open \space P \And L \space _i
  • Closed P&L: Net portfolio profit (or loss) of all the closed positions. It represents the actual profit or loss this portfolio has made so far.

i=1Closed position P&L i\displaystyle\sum_{i=1}^\infin Closed \space position \space P \And L \space _i
  • NFTs: [coming soon]

  • Total cost basis: ACB Method = Average Cost Basis Method - Average acquisition cost of all active portfolio’s assets.

i=1Wallet total cost basis + Protocol total cost basis i\displaystyle\sum_{i=1}^\infin Wallet \space total \space cost \space basis \space + \space Protocol \space total \space cost \space basis \space _i

Other methods not supported at the moment: FIFO, LIFO, HIFO, LCFO, Spec ID, LGUT.

  • Debt: [coming soon]

  • Cash balance: [coming soon]

  • Fees: The Total Transaction/Gas Fees for your wallet, since its creation, are displayed here, calculated at the gas price at the time of the transaction. And hey, no need to get upset when you see the number - it's actually a good thing that ETH is worth more than $10 now!

Last synced: Last time the calculations have been completed based on all the transactions (validated and to be reviewed) in the portfolio and with actual assets price. You can click on the icon to update the dashboard metrics.

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