Your crypto address hub: simplify management and tracking with Octav's address book

Welcome to your Octav address book! This is where you can store and manage all of your crypto addresses in one convenient location. You can add as many addresses as you'd like, but only the ones that are signed in will be displayed on your dashboard. To make things even easier, you can label your addresses to help with tracking when looking at your transactions.

It's important to note that Octav takes your privacy and security seriously. We do not track cross-associated wallets so your bundles are stored locally on your machine for added security. This means that if you clear your browser's cache, your bundles will be lost, but not the edits you made. Don't worry though, simply reconnect and sign in to your wallets and everything will be retrieved. For more information on how Octav respects your anonymity, check out our Privacy and Security section.

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