How to Validate a Transaction

To ensure the accuracy of your portfolio, it's essential to review and validate the transactions suggested by Octav. Here's how you can validate a transaction:

  1. Open the Transaction Modal: Click on the transaction you wish to validate to open the transaction modal. Inside the modal, you'll be able to review and update any information that requires your input. This might include details like the transaction type, the protocol you interacted with, and more. (Refer to the Transaction modal for editing transactions for more details.)

  2. Validate the Transaction: Once you've reviewed and updated the information to ensure its accuracy, simply click on the "Validate" button, and you're done!

  3. Recalculate Transactions: After validating one or several transactions, don't forget to hit the "Recalculate Transactions" button. This action will update all calculations to reflect the changes you've made.

BBy validating transactions on Octav, you're not only ensuring that your portfolio's data stays sharp but also actively teaching Octav's algorithm to offer even better blockchain interpretation! Your actions matter, both for your financial overview and Octav's continuous improvement. 🚀

For a deeper understanding of Why Validating Transactions on Octav is Important, check out our blog article on this topic.

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