How to Use Advanced Filters

This advanced feature is available on the Pro app and for Premium members who have minted an Octav NFT on the app.

Navigating through a plethora of transactions and data can be overwhelming. To simplify your experience, Octav offers a range of advanced filters. Here's how to make the most of them:

  1. Filter by Wallet Address: To focus on specific wallet addresses, and to isolate transactions related to a particular one.

  2. Filter by Transaction Status: Easily differentiate between "Validated" and "To be reviewed" transactions by using the transaction status filter.

  3. Filter by Transaction Type: With over 30 transaction types such as Bridge, Swap, Stake, and more, you can precisely narrow down your transaction search by selecting the relevant type.

  4. Filter by Network: Isolate transactions made on specific networks.

  5. Filter by Protocol: Understand your investments better by filtering transactions based on the protocols you interacted with.

  6. Sort by Profit and Loss (P&L): For a comprehensive view of your financial performance, sort your transaction history by the highest or lowest P&L.

  7. Select Date Ranges: Tailor your analysis to specific timeframes by selecting date ranges, including fiscal years or any custom period of interest.

By effectively using these advanced filters, you can fine-tune your search for specific transactions, quickly edit them (see "How to Multi-Edit Transactions"), and gain valuable insights into your financial activities.

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