How to Provide Third Party Authorization

(Also referred to as "How to delegate*", but don't worry, no wallet delegation here!)

*Providing authorization to a third party does not allow them to execute any transactions on your behalf. Instead, it enables secure editing of their portfolio data on Octav, ensuring the accurate generation of transaction summary reports.

  1. Head over to the Account page and find the Third-Party Authorization section.

  2. Click on Manage Authorization, which will take you to the New Authorization page.

  3. On the New Authorization page, select the third party to whom you want to grant authorization in the dropdown list. Make sure to contact the third party to get their authorization code.

  4. Enter the third party authorization code.

  5. You have the option to set an expiration date for your authorization. This allows you to control how long the third party has access to your data.

  6. Finally, click on "Authorize Access". That's it! Your authorization request is now submitted. You just need to wait for the third party to approve your request. Once they do, you'll see it listed under Current Authorizations at the bottom.

Remember, you can also choose to manually revoke the authorization at any time if needed.

Providing third-party authorization is a simple and secure way to collaborate and ensure the accuracy of your transaction summary reports.

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