How to Add an Address to My Address Book

Adding wallet addresses to your address book is a useful way to streamline your DeFi activities and gain better visibility into your transactions. Follow these steps to add addresses:

  1. Add Your Connected Address: On the "Addresses" page, add your currently connected address to your address book, it's straightforward. Simply click on the "+" button next to it, and you're done! You also have the option to label this address according to your preference by clicking the edit pen icon. The label you choose will directly reflect in the "Transactions" page for every transaction involving this wallet address, providing quick and relevant insights into your DeFi activity.

  2. Add Any Wallet Address: You can also add any wallet address to your address book for better transaction tracking. To do this, follow these easy steps:

    1. On the "Addresses" page, paste the address you want to add into the search bar (please note that searching by ENS is not yet supported).

    2. Click the "+" button, and it's done. If the address has an ENS, you'll see it displayed directly.

    3. You can further enhance your understanding of transactions by labeling the address as you see fit in the "Description" field. Simply click the edit pen icon, and the label will be applied to all transactions involving this wallet address on the "Transactions" page.

To edit and validate transactions, you must prove ownership of the wallet address. You can do this by signing in a message for each wallet.

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