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Why Octav?

Transforming DeFi portfolio management: empowering users with accurate insights and simplified tax reporting
Octav was founded in January 2022 by Mathieu Baril and Luc Blackburn with the mission to empower users of the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem, by offering them full control over their portfolio analytics.
They were inspired to launch this project due to the lack of accurate information regarding cost basis, profits and losses in DeFi investments.
Thus, Octav aims to provide a comprehensive solution, revolutionizing portfolio management and simplifying tax reporting for DeFi investors.
Fun fact: do you know the interesting backstory behind the name "Octav"?
"Octav" is derived from Caesar Augustus, also known as Octavian, the first Roman emperor and the founder of the Roman Empire. His leadership and reforms, including the reformation of the Roman taxation system, serve as inspiration for Octav's mission to revolutionize portfolio management and simplify tax reporting in decentralized finance (DeFi).