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November 2023 Leaderboard Results

Total reward pool: 7,500 $OP
  1. 1.
    1st place: 1250 $OP
  2. 2.
    2nd & 3rd: 750 $OP each
  3. 3.
    4th & 5th: 500 $OP each
  4. 4.
    6th & 7th: 300 $OP each
  5. 5.
    8th to 10th: 250 $OP each
  6. 6.
    11th to 13th: 200 $OP each
  7. 7.
    14th to 16th: 150 $OP each
  8. 8.
    17th to 20th: 100 $OP each
The ranking considered for the snapshot taken on November 30 at 11:59pm EST are the results of the November 2023 leaderboard tab "this month".
Each wallet must hold a Octav Premium Beta NFT to get $OP. If a wallet within the top 20 at the end of the month does not have a Premium Beta NFT they will not be included in the reward pool. Getting on the Leaderboard: For November 2023, the only way to get points on the leaderboard is by correctly validating transactions that reach consensus. You get 1 point per correct validation which includes both the transaction type and the protocol. That means its 1 point per transaction. Not per protocol, or per transaction type. There is a double point booster available for validating Optimism ecosystem transactions. That means for Optimism validations you will get 2 points per correctly validated transaction. All other chains will give 1 point per correctly validated transaction. The more you correct validations you have that reach consensus, the more points you will get.