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Embrace the portfolio edit challenge: climb the leaderboard for exciting rewards and recognition

Octav offers a fun and friendly way to compete with each other while improving your portfolio dashboard view. The contest is based on the number of edits you made in your portfolio. By editing and/or validating your transaction information, you can view the high score list and try to rank up for a chance to win prizes like free subscription renewals, merchandise and more!

About Points: Points are distributed for correct validations only. Points are distributed once every 24 hours. All validations are verified by the Octav team before points are distributed. If your validation is correct you will get 1 point. If it is incorrect you will receive no points. Navigating the leaderboard: Carousell: The carousel will always display current campaigns and is a quick way to stay up to date with what the prize pool is for the month.

Rankings: Rankings are based on which wallet has the most points.

Confirmed edits: Confirmed edits are correct validations that have been reviewed by the team and for which you received points. % of total edits: % of total edits is each wallet's contribution to the total number of edits done by all wallets for that specific time period. Time period: The leaderboard can be filtered by month, year, and all time. The monthly and yearly leaderboards reset and the all-time leaderboard includes all edits made since the Octav launch. Network: The leaderboard can be filtered by network to see the total number of edits from any wallet filtered by chain. More details: You can click on any wallet to see their full number of edits, points, and their progress on any ongoing campaign.

Personal Milestone Your personal milestone includes your overall progress for all edits you did on any chain. Bonus points are given when achieving your personal milestones that can help boost your leaderboard ranking for any ongoing campaign. For example, if you reach the personal milestone of 50 confirmed edits during the $OP validation campaign, you will receive an extra 25 points for the month in which you reached your milestone.

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