How to Label Transaction Types You Can't Remember

You earn points on Octav for correct validations that inlclude both the correct transaction type and protocol. This tutorial will cover how to properly label a transaction type. Note that unlike protocols which are labeled "unknown" by default. Transaction types will be automatically labeled by Octav's Brain based on best data available. Sometimes this isn't accurate and we need your help to help us validate and learn based on the interaction with the smart contract. Here's how you can check using the same example as with labeling the Arbitrum protocol:

1. Here is an Arbitrum transaction I did over a month ago. It says its a "Swap" but how can we be sure? We can use block explorers to investigate and find the correct transaction type.

  1. After clicking on my unknown transaction on the transaction page I open the labelling module. I can click on "View on Explorer" to open up the block explorer page for that specific transaction.

  2. Reviewing the block explorer, go to the bottom of the page, and click on "click to se More":

  1. Clicking this dropdown will reveal the transaction type which is generally following the word "function" as you can see in this example it says "Swap". So we are confident that indeed our transaction type was a Swap.

  1. Back on Octav, I can now label my transaction type as a Swap. If I needed to change it, I can click on the transaction type and pick from the list.

  1. Now that its, labeled, I can hit validate to submit my transaction for review and to get 1 point.

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