How to Label Protocols You Can't Remember

This tutorial is for you when you find an unknown transaction in your wallet but don't remember or want to double check your interaction on-chain.

1. Here is an Arbitrum transaction I did over a month ago and I cant remember what protocol i used to swap. We can use block explorers to investigate and find which protocl we interacted with.

2. After clicking on my unknown transaction on the transaction page I open the labelling module. I can click on "View on Explorer" to open up the block explorer page for that specific transaction.

  1. Reviewing the block explorer, I can see Arbiscan already labeled the transaction as KyberSwap. Sometimes this wont be labeled and so you can click on the contract URL to check.

  1. After clicking on the contract URL it leads me to the contract address page which has Kyberswap labeled. I am now confident this swap was done on Kyberswap and can go back to Octav.

  1. Back on Octav, I can now label my unknown transaction as KyberSwap.

  1. Now that its, labeled, I can hit validate to submit my transaction for review and get 1 point.

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