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$OP Campaign (Starting 10/02/23)

Octav received a 45k $OP grant from the Optimism Grants Council to help label the Optimism and wider DeFi ecosystem.
We are enlisting the community's help with labeling, and we will be distributing the entire grant over the next 6 months.

Here is a breakdown of the rewards available:

October 2023: 7,500 $OP November 2023: 7,500 $OP December 2023: 5,000 $OP January 2024: 5,000 $OP February 2024: 2,500 $OP March 2024: 2,500 $OP This total comes to 35,000 $OP distributed for labelling transactions. The additional 10,000 $OP will be reserved for bonuses, community events, and partnerships. Rules: - The $OP distributed during the $OP Validation campaign will only be distributed to Octav Premium Beta NFT holders. - $OP distributed will be determined based on the number of points you have on our leaderboard. - Points will be updated once every 24 hours. - Any attempt to spam/manipulate the points system or leaderboard will result in a ban. No warnings or second chances will be given. How to get a Octav Premium Beta NFT 1. You can purchase one for 250 USDC app.octav.fi/mint
Or 2. Be a Friend.tech keyholder of one of our ambassadors and use their referral link to mint. Ambassadors: -Levi -Aylo -Mbaril010 -Herro -Lito -Bitwonka -FrenTech Note you must hold the key for at least 72 hours before submitting for a refund. Or 3. You can get a free Optimism Premium Beta NFT when reaching 75 points on the Octav leaderboard. This means you must mint your NFT on the Optimism chain to be eligible. If you mint on another chain you will not be eligible to get a free NFT this way.
Leaderboard: Any wallet connected to Octav can earn points on the leaderboard. $OP will only be distributed to Premium Beta NFT holders. The rewards will be distributed on the first day of each month, with the results of the previous month's leaderboard determining who will get $OP. For example, the first allocation of 7,500 $OP will be distributed on November 1st, 2023. This will be based on the leaderboard ending October 31st, 2023 at 11:59pm EST. The monthly leaderboard will reset every month, giving a fresh chance to get some $OP for everyone eligible. There is a global leaderboard to track all-time points that will be used to track cumulative points over time. More rewards will be announced for the global leaderboard in the future. Distribution of $OP, October 2023 Total reward pool: 7,500 $OP 1st place: 1250 $OP 2nd & 3rd: 750 $OP each 4th & 5th: 500 $OP each 50 $OP will be randomly distributed to 75 wallets with a Premium Beta NFT and a minimum of 20 confirmed edits across any chain, or 5 confirmed edits on Optimism, on the October 2023 leaderboard. Getting on the Leaderboard: For October 2023, the only way to get points on the leaderboard is by correctly validating transactions in your wallet in Octav. You get 1 point per correct validation, including the transaction type and protocol. That means it is 1 point per transaction. Not per protocol, or per transaction type. There is a double point booster available for validating Optimism ecosystem transactions. That means for Optimism validations you will get 2 points per correctly validated transaction. All other chains will give 1 point per correctly validated transaction. The more you correct validations you have, the more points you will get, see the next page for more details.